What is it? is the most widely used payment gateway over the Internet. Founded in 1996, they have about 350,000 merchants and are the first preference of all the developers, big companies and side-projects who need to add a payment system to their webpage. E-commerce platforms such as Magento, Volusion and X-Cart are designed to make the payment-accepting process a lot quicker. The huge merchant base and an annual transacting volume of over $88 billion make the largest payment gateway service provider in the world. It makes accepting credit card and e-checks payments easier and safer.

How it works?

To make use of the services of, a user needs to sign up for an account. The sign up process is a simple procedure wherein you need to fill up the form with necessary details and genuine account details.

The whole credit card payment process is completed in 7 steps:

  • First step involves the submission of the customer’s credit card for making payments.
  • interprets the data in a standard form so as to manage its routing.
  • Now, passes on the confidential transaction information to the merchant bank’s processor via a secure medium. The processor submits this information to the credit card company’s network which passes on the information to the bank that issued the card to the customer.
  • The issuing bank accepts or rejects the transaction request depending upon the funds available to the customer’s account. Then the status of the transaction is passed on to via the credit card company’s network, and then the merchant bank’s processor.
  • Next, sends the displays the results for the merchant and the customer to see.
  • The merchant delivers the ordered product or service to the customer.
  • The issuing bank now sends the funds to the credit card network which passes them to the merchant’s bank account. This is termed ‘settlement’ as the funds are transferred just on paper right now. The actual money transfer takes place over the next 2-3 working days.

Thus, you can see that how a complex 7-step process is eased by a payment gateway provider. provides a state-of-the-art foolproof Fraud Protection service that eliminates the possibility of mistaken identity. This is to ensure that no unauthorized person gets access to a customer’s account and carries out any transactions. Multiple security layers are there and a disaster proof setup is there too which copies data regularly and keeps a backup of every single record of every single customer.

As we may see, does provide loads of services and it’s not just the number of services it provides. It’s the surety that it gives about keeping your wealth secured. For good services, one has to pay big bucks. charges a $99 setup fee and costs $20 per month. Talking about transaction fee, the payment gateway service provider charges $0.10 per transaction. This might be quite expensive for customers but the number of merchants availing the service shows that it is absolutely worth each penny paid.