What is it?

Braintree is an American company that lets its users to process online payments by providing a payment gateway. Founded in 2007, initially Braintree focused just on merchant account services. But as the company gained some fame and reputation, it developed its own payment gateway software that included vault storage as well as recurring billing service. At the moment, the company provides payment gateway and other processing services to many well-known companies like GitHub, Airbnb, Livingsocial and many more. Braintree is available to US, European, Australian and Canadian merchants. They help many international companies in growing and accept payment in over a 100 currencies.

How it works?

Braintree guarantees pay out within 2 days for all types of transactions. No matter how the state of growth is, Braintree helps you in every way to make your business achieve greater heights. They handle over $2 billion worth of transactions done over the mobile. To help carry this out, they have products like Venmo-touch and client-side encryption to ease the transaction process. A very exciting feature available on Braintree is their API that lets you pay anyone with just a phone number or email address. This alleviates the need of collecting bank account numbers and routing numbers from payees. The services can also be taken advantage of by using the mobile applications available for iOS and Android systems.

As far as the transaction fee is concerned, there is no monthly or set-up fee that is to be paid. A fee of 2.9%+ $0.30 per transaction is to be paid for qualified cards. This is quite a nominal fee since the services and the features that Braintree offers aren’t available with many others. Also the ease with which the whole transfer of funds can be carried out is as simple as a cakewalk. One can even transfer funds with just the knowledge of the payee’s phone number or email address. This really makes Braintree stand out of all its competitors.

As far as security is concerned, Braintree gives the infrastructure paramount importance. They have fixed all loopholes and repeatedly keep on checking if any penetration can be done by the hackers. They also have a backup system that is updated regularly to ensure safety of confidential data of their customers. This shows the kind of importance that Braintree gives to their customer’s financial records.

Seeing from the customer’s perspective, Braintree offers almost everything that one might expect. There is no complex process or lot of unwanted procedures to be followed to transfer your money. Hence, ease of access is the biggest plus point. The security levels are quite high and trust-worthy. A lot of innovative features are available for the users and everything costs for nothing. The transaction fee is quite reasonable and big, reputed companies too avail their services. Hence, Braintree has enough to offer for all, from individuals to businesses. This really makes Braintree one of the sought-after payment processors of the world.