Intuit GoPayment



What is it?

Intuit is an American software company that prepares software for tax payments and other financial processes for businesses, individuals as well as accountants. The company was founded in 1983 and produces solutions for small retailers and tax accountants. Intuit has several online communities that offer financial assistance. They also provide services that help you in planning your business and laying the foundation for the success of the business plan. is a website that provides the users to get a hands-on experience.

How it works?

Intuit also offers a number of helpful products like Billing Manager that lets small businesses and developers to carry out their invoice processes. This is done at a price charged by Billing Manager which integrates a payment system to allow users to make payments with their credit cards.

GoPayment is another product which is basically a mobile application for Android and iPhones to help merchants charge their customers using a can make and receive payments anytime by just following simple steps on the mobile phone. Intuit Payroll provides payrolls and software solutions to start-up businesses to give their work a much-needed push.

QuickBooks is a software designed by Intuit that lets users to manage their money from home and gets them ready for taxes in time. The software has made accounting so easy that it is doing wonders for all their customers and has now been rated the best software for accounting small business. The software saves a lot of time and displays the income and expenses of the business quite effectively for a better understanding. Also, you get all your tax information from one place. Gone are the days when customers had to work really hard on their tax management. QuickBooks not only saves time but also helps you to focus on your business; the rest has been taken care of.

Intuits also provides the feature of creating your own website. With options like choosing the domain name, website design and including e-commerce facility, new businesses that need the online payment system can surely make use of it and doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to design a website of your own. Intuit gives plenty of options to make your website attractive and appealing to boost up the number of customers for your business.

As far as merchant services are concerned, one has been provided with four options to carry out payment procedures. You can use either of mobile devices, online, web store or QuickBooks to accept as well as make payments. Payments are directly deposited to your bank account which is an automatic process. The best part of Intuit is that they offer the customers the option of cancelling a transaction any time. There does not have to be a commitment. Hence, one can always rectify an unwanted transaction made without any losses.

All you have to do is to make an account on Intuit and enjoy the best services you can ever ask for. So don’t think twice and join in with the best accounting software company in the world today!